Introduction :

Hi, my name is Raph (for Raphael) and I'm 32 year old. I'm french and my job is Sound Assistant since 12 years. As I love computing and programming, I've decided last year to develop this software just for the fun. Today,  I let it on this server to allow people using it if they find it usefull.

This soft will be under the GPL (Gnu Public License), so it will be released with all the source and will be free under the terms of the GPL license.

This soft is developed in C++ language on Linux/x86 operating system.

At last, sorry for the English ! I will try to do my best.

What is "ALSA-NYSER" ?

Alsa-Nyser is an Real Time Audio Analyser that displays several informations about sound as :

What works today ?

All depend on what we could name 'works' !

For the moment, each of the specifications described can be displayed by the program in real time. But I have to work (and compare) on the reality of what is displayed (calculated) by the soft considering the theory of sound analysis. There is still work on the frequency analyser and real meters level displaying (peak and mean levels).

Requirements :

you have to install fltk package

Where dowloading the source files ?

You can find the sources on the main site at sourceforge :

To Do :

Many things...

A list will come in few days...